Water Leak Detection: What You Need to Know

Have your water bills been creeping up over the last several months? Undetected water leaks may be to blame! Many homeowners don’t notice water leakage in and around their homes until it becomes very problematic. Understanding how an experienced plumber can help you prevent water leakage and resolve leakage issues before they become worse is important. Here are some of the most common types of leaks that can occur in your home:

Sewer leaks

Sewer leaks can cause many issues with plumbing around your Buffalo home, including strange gurgling sounds when flushing your toilet, slow drainage, and nasty odors. By hiring an experienced plumber to help with water leak detection, smoke testing and video camera inspection can be done to determine the source of the problem in your sewer lines.

Water leaks

Water leaks can have many minor or major causes, including clogged drains, extremely high water pressure, and corroded pipes – just to name a few. Early water leak detection in your Buffalo home can keep minor leaks from becoming big problems.

Foundation leaks

As one of the most severe types of leakage issues, your home’s foundation can be affected by plumbing leaks from defective or damaged water and sewer lines causing cracks in the structure. Through professional leakage detection services, sewer leaks can be stopped to prevent further erosion of the ground below your house.  

Typically, the first signs of water leakage visible to homeowners include water or mildew stains on walls and ceilings; damaged ceilings or flooring; corroded pipes; and as noted above, rising water bill costs. If you notice any of these signs occurring in your home, having the necessary repairs made in a timely fashion will ensure the structure and integrity of your home is not compromised, while alleviating you from costly repairs in the future. 

No matter what signs of leakage you may be seeing, contacting an experienced plumber to investigate any issues is essential to preventing significant damage. Get in touch with The Plumber Heating and Cooling in Buffalo, and learn how our water leak detection experts can address your water leakage concerns. 

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