A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

Proper installation of your Buffalo home’s sump pumps is paramount for moving excess water away from your basement and preventing water damage in your home. At The Plumber, Heating & Cooling, we are Buffalo-based experts in sump pump replacement and repair and fully equipped to install many types of sump pumps correctly and efficiently.

Additionally, our team in Buffalo specializes in back-up sump pump installation. If your power goes out during a rainstorm or an unexpected power outage occurs, a back-up sump pump can save the day and prevent major flooding in your basement.

Here are two of the most common back-up sump pump options:

 Battery sump pump

A battery-operated back-up sump pump is a separate pump that goes along with your existing sump pump and runs strictly on a battery. These types of pumps are easy to find in stores and do not require professional installation as they simply plug into your sump pump.

Water-powered pump

Becoming one of the more popular back-up options, a water-powered sump pump operates by water run through a pipe at a high-speed suction. Water-powered pumps function off your home’s municipal water pressure and can run as long as water is readily available. These pumps do not require any battery to operate, requiring no monitoring or replacements. If you’re seeking a low-maintenance option, water-powered pumps may be just the right fit. Call our team of experienced plumbers in Buffalo for sump pump installation, replacement, repair, and recommendations.