With regular maintenance, a quality sump pump should last about 10 years. However, even with that general lifespan, some sump pumps need to be replaced sooner for various reasons. Our certified technicians specialize in sump pump replacements in Buffalo, as well as sump pump maintenance, installation and repair. We always work with customers on determining the best sump pump system. We will discuss different sump pump options, including standard sump pumps, combination pumps, battery-powered pumps, and water-powered pumps.  Additionally, we’ll go over various sump pump features, including alarms, “quiet pumps,” durable lines, and protection from freezing. Having a replacement done is an ideal time to upgrade to a sump pump with more advanced features and functionality, while most importantly, keeping your basement waterproof. There are many factors affecting the cost of a sump pump replacement in Buffalo, including the condition of your sump pump system (sump pit and drainage pipes), sump pump capacity; and sump pump type chosen (installation of an electricity or batter back-up usually costs more).

Here are some red flags indicating your Buffalo home’s need for a sump pump replacement::

  • Loud or vibrating noises coming from sump pump system
  • Visible signs of corrosion, rust, or damage
  • A sump pump that’s 10 years or older
  • A sump pump that’s constantly running and fails to turn on and off
  • A sump pump that runs infrequently or at random times
  • A sump pump that was installed incorrectly the first time
  • A sump pump that has completely stopped functioning
  • Frequent power outages in your home

These are just some of the many indicators that the sump pump in your Buffalo home needs to be replaced. Because a malfunctioning sump pump can result in dangerous and costly water damage in your home, it’s recommended to have your system evaluated as soon as possible if you believe you may need it replaced. At The Plumber, Heating & Cooling, we’ll take the time to discuss our Buffalo-areas sump pump replacement services with you in detail, as well as help you decide which type of sump pump is best for your home.