On average, homeowners can save up to 35% of heating costs with a properly installed tankless water heater. Our plumbing and HVAC technicians in Buffalo can take care of your tankless water heater installation and repairs and assure you top performance without hassle. Tankless water heaters must be installed by a licensed, qualified technician according to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the warranty. This process may also require obtaining a permit and meeting building code requirements of your local municipality. Tankless water heater installation in your Buffalo home involves the removal of the traditional water heater tank and replacing it with an electric or gas heating unit. Tankless water heaters heat only the water needed as it travels through the heating unit to the tap for immediate use, so energy is not wasted on the continual heating of water.

Here are some reasons to consider having a tankless water heater installed in your Buffalo home:

  • Longer lifespan. Tankless water heaters generally last longer than traditional tank heaters since they are not constantly in use.
  • Easier maintenance. Tankless water heaters are much easier to clean than standard water tanks, not requiring constant maintenance.
  • Energy savings. Because tankless water heaters require less energy to operate, you’ll naturally reduce energy bill costs.
  • Saving space. If you’re tired of your water tank taking up so much space in your home, a tankless water heater is one-fifth of the size of a standard tank.
  • Saving water. Known for conserving more water than regular tanks, tankless water heaters generate hot water immediately, eliminating the need to wait for running water to change to your desired temperature.