There are numerous causes of sewer and drain repairs in Buffalo, other than blockages, including broken or cracked pipes, corrosion, sewer line damage, leaking joints, and lack of regular maintenance. No matter what kind of clog or leak your Buffalo home may be experiencing, The Plumber, Heating & Cooling, has the experience and tools to repair any problem that may be wreaking havoc on your plumbing system. From diagnosing the cause of the issue to implementing the best long-term solution, our  Buffalo area drain repair technicians will execute the most timely and cost-effective repairs.

Signs that your Buffalo home requires a drain repair include but not limited to:

  • Difficulty flushing toilet
  • Toilet that takes a long time to fill back up with water after flushing
  • Water in a sink or tub that won’t go down
  • Offensive odors coming from drain

When it comes to drain repair, our plumbing experts will diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution. Get in touch and learn how we can rectify your drain issues today!