Air Conditioning Maintenance

There’s no denying that replacing or repairing an air conditioner unit can be a costly hassle. With experience inspecting all major makes and models, regular air conditioning maintenance by our Buffalo technicians will ensure your AC unit is functioning at its best. There are several benefits of air conditioner maintenance, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Extended lifespan of AC system.
  • Better air quality in home.
  • Less time and money spent on future maintenance and repairs.

During a routine air conditioning maintenance visit in Buffalo, our technicians will do a thorough and complete evaluation of your air conditioning unit. Some of the tasks performed during maintenance include the following:  

  • Removing debris
  • Cleaning existing air filters
  • Inspecting electrical wiring
  • Inspecting fan blade
  • Inspecting indoor coil
  • Inspecting safety devices
  • Testing thermostat

Rather than attempting to perform air conditioning maintenance, repair, cleaning, or an inspection of your Buffalo home’s unit yourself, hiring trained professionals will ensure your air conditioner is fully evaluated for any problems so that your unit can operate to its fullest capacity. Our team of experienced HVAC experts will perform a detailed inspection and provide you with the best solutions regarding any repair or replacement needs. To learn more about air conditioning maintenance services, contact our team directly at (716) 894-4382 to get started and schedule your appointment.