If your water heater is leaking or not staying lit, you’ve got no time to waste! Our expert team of heating and cooling professionals can diagnose your problem and determine if your Buffalo home needs a full water heater replacement, or just some minor repairs. Our experts in Buffalo are experienced in water heater replacement of all types of hot water tank models, and are known for providing fast service for all major brands. We will always give you an honest assessment of your hot water tank and discuss the replacement process with you in detail.

Not sure if it’s time for a hot water tank replacement in your Buffalo home? Here are some ways to tell:

  • Lack of hot water (or hot water quickly turns cold.). If your hot water tank is failing to generate enough hot water, this may be a sign your tank is in need of replacement.
  • Loud or rattling noises coming from heater. Any noises of banging, clanging, or rumbling could indicate your water tank is dying out.
  • Water leakage. Any water spots around your water tank or around the pipes near your tank may be the result of pressure from fractures in your unit that can worsen over time.
  • Visible rust on and around tank unit. The formation of rust on and around your hot water tank is a sign of old age and that your unit should be replaced before leaks occur.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, don’t wait too long to have your hot water tank evaluated. Contact The Plumber, Heating & Cooling of Buffalo for hot water tank replacement and new water heater installation and let one of our certified technicians complete a full inspection and answer all your questions.