Three Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Closeup old water tap dripping in water shortage or drought concept.

As a homeowner, do you find that your plumbing problems are sometimes seasonal? While spring brings along more favorable weather patterns, the change in seasons may present some concerns for the plumbing system in your Buffalo home. Here are three of the most common spring plumbing problems you may encounter and how to address them:

Poor drainage

With snow melting and an influx of rain, you may notice poor drainage around your home’s foundation. If the issue is severe, it can lead to sudden flooding and cause serious damage to your property. To facilitate proper drainage, it’s important to have your gutters regularly cleaned and your pipes inspected, as they may be the source of leaks. Even the smallest cracks in pipes can cause leakage as temperatures start to rise. A professional plumber can examine the water leakage and determine its exact cause so the problem can be rectified.

Sump pump malfunctions

Often sump pump malfunctions become evident in the spring, as your sump pump must work harder when rainfall is most prevalent. When an absorbent amount of snow melts, a sump pump that’s in need of repair can quickly become overwhelmed and fail to pump water through the discharge line properly. As a result, water damage can occur either in the form of a minor leak or major flooding. The bottom line? Make sure to address any sump pump repair needs at the beginning of spring!

Low water pressure

If any of your pipes are compromised during the winter months, low water pressure often occurs as a result during the spring. Leaky pipes are often more noticeable when temperatures fluctuate as pipes expand and end up releasing more water. Older plumbing systems tend to be even more vulnerable to leakage and need to be addressed quickly before becoming worse.

Taking action to prevent these common spring plumbing problems will ultimately keep your appliances functioning their best while saving you from costly repairs in the future. At The Plumber, Heating & Cooling, in Buffalo, NY, an inspection by our insured plumbers can assess your spring plumbing problems and implement the best solutions for your needs.

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