A broken sewer line can be harmful to your home and family’s health, causing a multitude of issues. From sewer leaks to back-ups, sewer problems are often complex by nature, and utilizing the services of our qualified technicians can be critical to the proper maintenance of your sewer system. At The Plumber, Heating & Cooling in Buffalo, we are equipped to perform sewer cleanings, video inspections, and repairs.
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Water Leak Detection
Once the source is identified, we can make repairs quickly, so you can stop spending excess money on utilities.
Sewer & Drain Video Inspection
This allows for more efficient repairs at the source of the sewer problem with minimal digging.
Sewer Repair
Sewer repair is needed for older sewer lines due to damage that occurs as a result of aging.
Sewer Cleaning
Based on the extent of sewer line damage, our Buffalo team can perform a comprehensive sewer line cleaning to remove blockages.
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