Slow Drains? How a Sewer Inspection Gets Your System Moving Again

When your drains are running slow, there can be any number of reasons why. Your teenager kicked the strainer out of the drain again, and their long hair is blocking things. Your spouse dumped hot grease down the drain. But in many cases, it can be a blocked sewer line, and the problem will only get worse with time. Here’s how a sewer system inspection for your Buffalo home or business can get things back to normal.

Sure, your problem may have been one of the first couple of issues, in which case a little education may fix the problem in the future. However, if you’re ending up with water leaks under your sinks, your toilet is backing up or clogging frequently, or you’ve got multiple locations in your Buffalo home with slow drains, it’s a sign of a much bigger problem.

But how does a sewer inspection help with this issue? By pinpointing the exact location where your sewer lines are having issues, you can focus on having those specific problems fixed. That will usually go much faster and be much more effective than treating the problem where you think it may be – just to find it somewhere else.

With cold weather coming, this also allows you to get the problem fixed before a backup freezes and causes your sewer lines to break, causing a significantly larger, more costly, and less pleasant repair to have to take place.

When a sewer inspection takes place, your entire system is checked for areas where problems are currently as well as where they could form in the future. Locations, where your pipes have settled, can cause pooling and freezing damage if the pipes are not buried deeply enough. Heavy equipment could cause crushing damage. Tree roots can infiltrate your pipes, slowing down your drainage.

In any of these situations, finding the source of the problem and fixing it are the first steps to getting your home back to normal. Why not contact the experts at The Plumber, Heating & Cooling in Buffalo for a sewer system inspection today?

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