Save Money and Conserve Energy

Over the last 15 years energy costs have risen 15% and continue to climb. New problems require new solutions. For the cognizant consumer looking for ways to lower their monthly spending, even the simplest changes can save you money and conserve energy.

Washing your money down the drain

Living near the Great Lakes, most people take for granted that we have access to one of the world’s largest freshwater sources. Years ago, the label of “low-flow” was usually met with mixed results. Often times resulting in a lack of shower pressure or multiple flushes of a toilet to remove waist. Low-Flow faucets and shower heads have improved their designs to be comparable to traditional models as far as water pressure, while cutting water usage by 40% or more. For the ambitious do-it-yourselfer in the Buffalo area, plumbing installations are fairly straight forward and the average cost savings pay for themselves in little to no time. For those who prefer to rely on an experienced plumbing technician, give us a call to inquire about the low-flow fixtures available to you.

Flushing your dollars down the hole

Is your toilet starting to age? Is it running constantly? Tired of jiggling the handle? Maybe it’s time to consider a new cost saving option. Older model toilets can use twice as much water as their newer counterparts, which is like flushing money away. Newer models come in a variety of options for reducing water usage, ranging from 1.6 gallons per flush to 1.28 gallons. There’s even dual-flush models that allow you to choose a low power flush for light waste and a full power flush when needed! Take the time to research the model that best fits your specific needs.

Save money with The Plumber, Heating & Cooling

Conservation equals savings. In other words, the less you use, the more you save! Thankfully plumbing technology and design have improved so you no longer need to make sacrifices to save a couple of dollars. Don’t live with a trickle for a shower or a toilet that forces you to flush multiple times. Get the best of both worlds and upgrade the plumbing system of your Buffalo home with plumbing installation services from our team.

Here at The Plumber, Heating & Cooling in Buffalo, we are happy to help with any plumbing installation, replacement, or repair project. Our technicians are knowledgeable and trade experienced. Call us today at (716) 894-4382 to schedule your next service or fill out our contact form for more information.

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