Plumbing Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Your Dream Home

Are you in the process of building your dream home? Though plumbing may not be the first thing on your mind, taking into account various plumbing matters can be critical in the prevention of costly and aggravating problems down the road. As you work with contractors on your new Buffalo home’s plumbing system, here are three important tips to keep in mind:

Install a water softener system or plumbing for one

Remember, the quality of your home’s water can have a major effect on your plumbing. Even if your home doesn’t need a water softener, it’s still a good idea to install plumbing for one. As a home gets older, plumbing needs can dramatically change and having the right system in place can make it much easier to install a water softener in the future. Also, in the case that you need a water softener upon building the home, it’s typically best to have it installed in the basement near your home’s water heater.

Make sure sump pump discharge goes away from the home

To prevent future water damage, it’s imperative to make sure your sump pump discharge line drains water safely away from your home. If installed incorrectly, your sump pump can do much more harm than good, causing foundation issues, leakage and mold in your basement. As your sump pump is installed, it’s best to ask your technician about the pump’s discharge pipe and ensure it’s equipped to prevent clogs and water leakage without any interruption.

Consider plumbing needs specific to your home

Every home is different, which means plumbing needs can vary from house to house. As you go through the building process, it’s essential to consider the plumbing requirements for each room of your house – including your kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms. You’ll want to make sure all necessary plumbing, sewer and drain lines are installed to accommodate both current and future plumbing needs (such as the need for a future water softener system as noted above).

If you’re building a home in Buffalo, there are many plumbing system concerns to think about. when it comes to new home construction. Hiring a trusted and reputable plumber can be extremely beneficial as you make different plumbing decisions throughout the building process. Get in touch with The Plumber and learn how we can help!

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