Home Remodeling & Renovation Projects that Require a Plumber

Planning a home renovation project this summer for your Buffalo home? Kitchen and bathroom renovation and remodeling are often popular choices. While you get busy picking out new fixtures and appliances, it’s easy to forget about the plumbing work that will be involved. Hiring an experienced plumber can take away much of the stress and confusion that comes along with at-home construction, giving you peace of mind that your utilities can function properly once the project is completed. Here are three types of remodeling and renovation projects that require plumbing expertise:

Kitchen remodel or renovation

If there’s one room in your home that utilizes a lot of plumbing, it’s your kitchen. During any kitchen construction, there are several appliances that may require plumbing installation (or re-installation), including your garbage disposal, dishwasher and sink. From moving piping to installing new sink fixtures, hiring a professional contractor will ensure the plumbing is done correctly so no issues occur in the future. In addition to the actual installation process, a plumbing professional can assist in identifying the location of your pipes and where you can build.

Bathroom remodel or renovation

While a plumber is instrumental in installing bathroom fixtures (faucets and shower heads), they are also critical for ensuring optimal sanitation and safety. By hiring a skilled plumber, you can count on your waste disposal system being correctly installed so future back-ups don’t occur. Furthermore, a plumber will fully assess your piping, and determine whether your pipes are at risk of leaks.

Pool or hot tub installation

There can a multitude of plumbing issues surrounding the installation of a new pool or hot tub. Often if you notice leakage in your pool, you’ll require a full inspection to detect any problems occurring with your plumbing system. Some of the services for a pool or hot tub performed by a plumber include cracks, holes or patches, and underground and above ground plumbing repairs.

These are just some of the many types of home improvement projects that involve a plumber. If you’re seeking professional and reliable plumbing services, please contact us at (716) 883-7473 and schedule a consultation. Let the experts at our offices in Buffalo can help you with a new kitchen, bathroom, pool or hot tub remodeling or renovation.

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