Furnace Maintenance and Inspection Tips

Furnace repair with a voltage meter used by a man

As the winter months will soon be upon us in Buffalo, furnace maintenance and heater inspections are important to consider to ensure proper functionality. Understanding what’s involved in proper maintenance and inspection of your furnace will ensure it runs at an optimal level when you need it most. There’s no denying that furnace maintenance can sometimes feel burdensome, especially for new homeowners. However, being proactive and educating yourself about the process is the first step to feeling confident that your furnace is running as it should. Here are some key maintenance and inspection tips to keep in mind:

Check air filters

When having your furnace examined, it’s critical to check if air filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Clogged filters can be over-taxing to your furnace, causing them to work harder to push out air, and ultimately, affecting the energy efficiency in your home. Checking air filters on a yearly basis is one of the easiest ways to prevent a major furnace issue while keeping your utility costs low. If you do need to replace your air filters, they are generally very inexpensive.

Regularly clean air ducts and vents.

As one of the most important and underrated maintenance tips for any furnace, cleaning your vents and air ducts each year will make sure they are free of debris, preventing dust and pollen from being circulated in your home. In addition to eliminating unwanted particles, cleaning your air ducts and vents will allow your furnace to function at its best, as it won’t have to work so hard to heat your home. If you’d prefer not to take on this task yourself, hire a professional air duct cleaning service to do your dirty work for you!

Schedule yearly inspections

Your furnace is by far the most important piece of equipment in your home during the winter, making it crucial that you have it fully inspected. Having your furnace inspected by a professional each year will give you peace of mind that it’s operating properly and that any problems will be promptly identified. The best time to have your furnace inspected is typically early fall so that any issues can be addressed before winter strikes.

Failing to regularly maintain your furnace can lead to many problems, including health and safety hazards and costly repairs. Taking the steps above will ensure your furnace is kept in the best condition possible so that any issues can be rectified in a timely and affordable manner.

Are you in need of a furnace inspection this fall? Get in touch with The Plumber of Buffalo. Furnace maintenance experts are ready to assist with your furnace needs!

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