Backflow Testing and Certification

New York State requires the installation and testing of a backflow device on all lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems connected to a municipal water supply.

Do you have a lawn sprinkler or irrigation system? Protect your home or business from potential water contamination with a backflow device.

Backflow is when a significant change in pressure, such as a water main break, has caused a reverse flow in your main water line, allowing contaminated water to enter your clean potable water supply. Contaminated water can contain any number of hazardous materials including pesticides, chemicals, and human waste – a major health risk.

Backflow, or the reversal of water flow, can also occur when:

  • A malfunctioning irrigation system creates a sudden pressure change
  • Undersized pipes create negative or reduce pressure
  • Increases in boiler temperatures increases pressure
  • Improperly installed piping increases pressure
  • There is a power outage

A backflow device is installed to prevent dirty water from contaminating your clean water supply.

Backflow certification and testing is required annually for commercial, industrial, and multi-family buildings such as apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants, dry-cleaning facilities, salons, medical offices, auto body shops, and other public places. For homeowners, we recommend testing your backflow device once a year to ensure it is functioning properly. Contaminated water can look and smell like regular water, so testing is crucial for keeping your family safe and healthy.

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