Sewer Repair Company in Amherst

If you need the services of a sewer repair company for your Amherst, NY home or business, you’ll find peace of mind with the certified technicians at The Plumber, Heating & Cooling.
Sewer Repair

With knowledge and expertise to handle your sewer repair needs large and small, our team is ready to help. Handling residential and commercial customers in Amherst and the neighboring communities, The Plumber, Heating & Cooling provides you with professional, reliable sewer repair services for long-lasting results that exceed your expectations.

But how do you know if you need an Amherst sewer repair service?

Sewage back-ups and blockages. Water backflow, either from a sink, toilet, or other drain, is one of the most common signs of sewage problems, specifically signaling a sewer line failure.

Sewer smell. The smell of damp, foul odors in your home can be due to a blocked vent, but it’s much more likely that your sewer line needs to have a professional inspection.

Slow drains. When you have tub, drain, and shower drains that are no longer draining as quickly as they should, you can have a clog caused by a sewage backup, especially if more than one drain has this issue.

Damp spots on lawn. Is the ground in your lawn feeling soggy or damp regularly, especially when there’s no recent heavy rainfall, you could have a leaking sewer line needing to be repaired.

Waste in the yard. If wastewater is building up in your yard, it’s a sign that you could have a serious break in your sewer line that needs to be checked out by an experienced plumber.

There are many issues that can cause issues with sewer lines whether they’re new or old. Tree roots, high temperatures, corrosion, and stormwater runoff can cause damage.. This requires timely sewer repairs to prevent additional damage that may require the replacement of all your sewer lines.

Whether you need residential or commercial sewer repair, make sure you work with a reputable sewer repair company in Amherst, The Plumber Heating and Cooling can fully evaluate the issue. We’ll perform a complete inspection of your problem to determine how extensive the damage is and what repairs are needed. We’ve built a reputation for giving our clients the safest, most economical sewer repair solutions with outstanding results. To learn more about our Amherst sewer system repair services, please feel free to reach out today by calling us at (716) 883-7473. A team member will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.