Sewer Cleaning Services in Batavia, NY

Looking for expert sewer cleaning services for your home or business?

Servicing both residential and commercial customers in Batavia, NY, and the surrounding area, The Plumber, Heating & Cooling, provides specialized sewer cleaning services for all types of common sewer problems. Our experienced team of technicians utilizes a variety of advanced sewer cleaning solutions, including hydro jetting (water and pressured air to break down debris and clear clogs); bucket machines (used for unclogging major blockages in pipes); and application of chemicals and biological products to target blockages in sewer lines.


Some signs you may require professional sewer cleaning include:


  • Slow-moving drains around your home or building.
  • Foul-smelling drain odors.
  • Constant water back-up in tub or shower after toilet flushes.


Our Batavia technicians frequently perform routine sewer cleanings which prevent the occurrence of blockages, clogged sewers, and costly repairs. Depending on the age of your septic system and any prior plumbing problems with your pipes or drains, regular sewer cleaning can have several benefits, including reducing blockages; eliminating foul odors from pipes and drains; and preventing the formation of leaks.


For any sewer problems, it’s advisable to have a professional plumber evaluate your septic system and provide recommendations. We will perform a full inspection of your problem to determine the scope of repairs or cleaning solutions that may be needed. One of our expert technicians will visit your home or business to discuss the best sewer cleaning options for your property’s needs. At The Plumber, Heating and Cooling, we are known for providing safe, professional, and cost-effective sewer cleaning solutions that provide long-lasting results. To learn more about sewer cleaning for your property in Batavia, please get in touch by calling (716) 883-7473 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.