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Is your indoor air excessively dry? When you have low humidity levels in your home, it can create a range of unpleasant effects that can disrupt your lifestyle and even lead to health issues. At The Plumber Heating & Cooling, we provide industry leading humidifier installation services in the Buffalo, NY area that will help combat dry air and keep your living space comfortable all year long. For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing quality HVAC services to the local community, and we are ready to do the same for you. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can get the process started.

Reputable Humidifier Installation Services

When it comes to whole house humidifier installation, there are several steps we go through to make sure the system is installed correctly and providing you with the comfort you need. Here’s more detailed information about our humidifier installation process.

Service Overview

During our initial consultation, we will determine your home’s air quality needs so we can recommend the best type of humidifier for your situation. We also must find the optimal location to place your new humidifier before performing the installation. After the installation is complete, we’ll test and calibrate the system to ensure it’s running properly, and you can expect optimal humidity levels moving forward.

Our Process

The precise process we follow for our humidifier installation may vary depending on certain factors, but here are the basic steps we’ll follow to get your humidifier installed correctly.

Assessment and Planning: We will assess your home’s heating and cooling system, as well as your indoor air quality needs, to determine the most suitable type and size of whole-home humidifier for your property.

Selection of Humidifier Type: Based on our assessment, our technician will help you select the appropriate type of whole-home humidifier, such as bypass, fan-powered, or steam humidifier, that best meets your requirements and budget.

Placement Location: We will identify the optimal location for installing the humidifier within your HVAC system. This typically involves mounting the humidifier unit onto the supply or return ductwork, preferably near the furnace or air handler.

Ductwork Modifications: In some cases, modifications may be needed to the existing ductwork to accommodate the installation of the humidifier. This could involve cutting access panels, adding duct branches, or installing bypass ducts as required.

Water Connection: The humidifier unit needs to be connected to a water source to supply water for humidification. This may involve tapping into the existing plumbing system or installing a dedicated water line with a shutoff valve near the humidifier.

Electrical Connection: If the humidifier requires electrical power to operate, we will make the necessary electrical connections. This may involve wiring the humidifier to the HVAC system’s control board or installing a separate power outlet nearby.

Installing the Humidifier: A humidistat or humidity control device will be installed to monitor and regulate the humidity levels in your home. The humidistat is typically mounted on a nearby wall and wired to the humidifier for automatic operation.

Testing and Calibration: Once the humidifier is installed, we will test the system to ensure it is functioning properly. This includes checking for leaks, verifying water flow, calibrating the humidistat, and adjusting the settings as needed.

Reasons to Work with Us for Your Humidifier Installation Services

If you love the idea of top-quality humidifier installation and exceptional customer service, you’re in the right place. We will go out of our way to make sure you get the best humidifier services possible, and we always treat our customers with the utmost respect and honesty from start to finish. Here are some additional benefits of working with our team:

24-Hour Emergency HVAC Service

When you have an HVAC emergency, it poses a risk to your safety and to your HVAC system. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC service in the Buffalo, NY area that will provide you with the solution you need when you need it.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you’re tired of choosing an HVAC contractor and just hoping for the best, we have a solution. All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that says we’ll keep working until you’re happy with the job we’ve done.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Are you tired of hiring HVAC contractors who don’t specialize in the service you need? When you work with us, you can feel confident that the technician showing up at your home has been highly trained in the service that needs to be provided.

Convenient Financing Options

How do convenient monthly payments with no late fees or compounding interest sound? We know that HVAC repairs and installation aren’t always in the budget, but our flexible financing options can help you get the service you need.

Honest, Transparent Pricing

Are you tired of seeing hidden costs and fees on your HVAC bill? We don’t like hidden fees either, which is why we use an upfront and honest pricing model and allow you to approve the costs before we get started working.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

When you have whole home humidifier installation performed by our team of experts, you’ll notice numerous benefits to your daily lifestyle. This is especially true if you have dry air in your home that is causing problems for you and your family. Here are some main advantages of having a professional system installed:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Whole-home humidifiers help maintain optimal indoor humidity levels, which can reduce airborne allergens such as dust, pollen, and mold spores. By keeping moisture in the air, humidifiers can alleviate respiratory issues and improve overall indoor air quality.

Enhanced Comfort

Dry air can lead to discomfort, causing symptoms such as dry skin, irritated eyes, sore throat, and nasal congestion. A whole-home humidifier helps alleviate these symptoms by adding moisture to the air, creating a more comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.

Protection for Wooden Furniture and Flooring

Low humidity levels can cause wooden furniture, flooring, and musical instruments to dry out and crack over time. By maintaining consistent humidity levels, a whole-home humidifier helps preserve the integrity and appearance of wood surfaces.

Prevention of Static Electricity

Dry air can lead to an increase in static electricity, resulting in annoying shocks and damage to electronic devices. A new humidifier helps reduce static electricity buildup by adding moisture to the air, making it safer for your family and your electronic equipment.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Properly humidity levels make the air feel warmer than dry air at the same temperature, allowing you to lower your thermostat and save on heating costs during the winter months. This helps contribute to energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Health Benefits

Dry air can exacerbate respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, and sinusitis, as well as increase susceptibility to colds and flu viruses. By adding moisture to the air, it will soothe irritated airways, alleviate symptoms, and reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Customized Climate Control

Whole-home humidifiers can be integrated into your HVAC system and controlled using a central humidistat or programmable thermostat. This allows you to customize humidity levels, ensuring optimal comfort and health throughout the year.

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A comfortable home is the goal of any homeowner, and we’re always here to help. At The Plumber Heating & Cooling, we provide industry-leading humidifier installation services in Buffalo, NY, that will keep the moisture level in your home steady and keep you and your family members happy. Just reach out to schedule an appointment with us today and we will explore your options.

FAQ About Our Humidifier Installation Services

If you have questions about our whole-house humidifier installation services, we have answers. Check out some commonly asked questions below, and let us know if yours isn’t on the list.

What is a whole-home humidifier?

A whole-home humidifier is a device that integrates with your HVAC system to add moisture to the air throughout your entire home, maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels and improving your comfort level.

Why should I consider installing a whole-home humidifier?

There are several good reasons, including improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort, protection for wooden furnishings, prevention of static electricity, energy efficiency, and health benefits for you and your family.

How does a whole-home humidifier work?

Whole-home humidifiers are typically installed directly into your HVAC system and are controlled by a central humidistat or thermostat. They introduce water vapor into the air as it passes through the ductwork, effectively increasing humidity levels throughout your home.

Can I install a whole-home humidifier myself, or do I need a professional?

While some homeowners may attempt to install a whole-home humidifier themselves, we recommend hiring a professional to get the job done right. HVAC professionals have the knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure a safe and effective installation.

How long does whole-home humidifier installation take?

The time required depends on various factors, including the type of humidifier we’re installing, the complexity of the installation, and the size of your home. A typical installation can take several hours to complete.

Will a whole-home humidifier increase my energy bills?

These units are designed with efficiency in mind and should not significantly impact your energy bills. In fact, by maintaining proper humidity levels, they can actually help improve energy efficiency by allowing you to lower your thermostat.

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