Hot Water Tank Replacement Company in North Tonawanda

If you're in Lockport, NY, and in search of a hot water tank replacement company, The Plumber, Heating & Cooling is ready to assist you.

When your hot water heater has issues, getting prompt help is vital to the issue. Our team of experienced plumbers in North Tonawanda are ready to diagnose the issue with your water heater and will go over your options, from minor repairs to a full hot water tank replacement. With strong expertise in all brands, our North Tonawanda team can be relied on for an honest evaluation of your hot water heater and a solid discussion of what we can do to help.


Not sure if it’s time for a hot water tank replacement? Check for these signs:


Little to no hot water. If you’re not getting through your shower without running out of hot water, or the water isn’t getting hot, you may need a simple repair, a replacement, or an upgrade.


Clanging or other loud noises from the heater. Unusual noises, such as banging, clattering, or rattling can be signs that your hot water heater is actively failing.


Water leaking. Small puddles or drips under, around, or near your hot water tank can be a sign of microfractures forming, which will get bigger over time, causing larger leaks.


Rust near or on the tank. Rust is common in damp areas, but it’s also a sign of age and corrosion, which can weaken your tank. This can lead to leaks in the future as the tank continues to fail.


These signs can indicate your hot water tank is getting ready to fail, so you should have the hot water heated professionally evaluated to avoid more problems down the road. A thorough check of your water heater can be a big difference in your final bill, so if you’re ready to have your system checked by an experienced plumber and talk about your options, please feel free to call the friendly team at The Plumber, Heating & Cooling at (716) 883-7473 today.