Clarence, NY Sewer Repair Company

Providing sewer system repair in Clarence, NY, The Plumber Heating & Cooling works with both residential and commercial properties and can address all your sewer needs. Our Clarence technicians are qualified to perform a variety of sewer repairs, safely and cost-effectively. With a reputation for excellent customer service, we pride ourselves on delivering only the most reliable and professional services in Clarence and the surrounding region.

Some of the most common signs indicating you may need sewer repair services include:


Sewage back-ups and blockages. As one of the most prevalent signs of a sewage problem, water backflow (often seen in a sink or toilet) can signal failure of a properly functioning sewer line.

Sewer odor. A constant foul odor around your property may raise concern that your sewer line should be professionally inspected.

Slow-moving drains. Drains in sinks, tubs, and showers that are slow-moving can indicate a clog that’s occurred from sewage back-up. This is a major sign of sewage issues if more than one drain in your home has this problem.


Soggy spots on lawn. If the ground in your yard feels damp or soggy in certain areas (especially if there’s been no heavy rainfall), this may indicate a leaky sewer line.

Sewage in yard. Any build-up of wastewater in a yard is a major sign of a broken sewer line that should be investigated by a professional plumber.

It’s very common for old sewer lines to have the problems listed above. However, newer sewer lines can be affected by tree roots, corrosion, high temperatures, and stormwater runoff. Failing to have sewer line repairs made promptly can often lead to further damage and the need for a full sewer line replacement.

When you need a trusted and reputable sewer repair company for your Clarence home or business, get in touch with The Plumber Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment. During our initial visit, one of our certified technicians will perform a full inspection of your problem to determine the scope of repairs that may be needed. For more information about our sewer repair company in Clarence, please call (716) 883-7473 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.