Why You Need to Hire a Plumber After Flooding

Has your home recently experienced flooding problems? While it may be tempting to ignore water damage concerns, failing to hire a plumber can result in long-term devastation for your plumbing system after flooding. As you recover from any type of flood, these are three major reasons to invest in professional plumbing repair for your Buffalo home:

Foundation damage

Any amount of flooding can significantly affect your home’s foundation, with the water pressure potentially causing your foundation to shift and harm your plumbing system. A plumber will inspect your plumbing system to determine any fractures or deterioration that needs to be remediated so your foundation can be fixed if it collapsed or shifted.

Plumbing fixture damage

If flooding has damaged any outdoor or indoor fixtures, it’s very important to get these addressed. A plumber can identify which fixtures are damaged and install new ones as replacements. Some fixtures may not be completely ruined but were submerged in water for an extended period of time. In this instance, your plumber can dissemble and clean the fixtures so they don’t accumulate mold.

Damaged pipes

If plumbing fixtures are affected, it’s likely your pipes also sustained some form of damage. A plumber will inspect your pipes and determine which ones are cracked or broken so they can be replaced before any further damage is done. This is also true for any broken pipes underground, as your plumber will perform a camera inspection to see what is affected.

Utilizing a professional plumber to conduct an inspection and perform necessary repairs will ensure your plumbing system can function properly – even after major water damage!

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