Why You Need to Get a Back-up Sump Pump

As a homeowner, you’re probably focused on maintaining the quality and value of your home. Preventing water damage is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid issues with your foundation and property at large. To keep your home free of water-related issues, investing in a back-up sump pump is a good place to start. Here are two of our main reasons why you should consider back-up sump pump installation services for your Buffalo home:

Protecting your home’s foundation

When flooding occurs even to a small extent, any amount of water damage can significantly weaken the foundation of your home over time. A back-up sump pump will ensure your pump can function, so water does not seep into your walls, ceilings, or structural foundation. Remember, if your home’s foundation is compromised, you may get cracks in your drywall, sloping floors, or mold and mildew.

Continuing to operate in severe weather

When heavy or disastrous rain or snowstorms occur, a back-up sump pump is instrumental in keeping your pump operating when flooding threats are greatest. Primary sump pumps run by electricity only and will not operate during a power outage. Back-up sump pumps are battery-powered or water-powered so they will always work in the event that there’s no electricity, even during very long power outages. From protecting your basement to preventing water damage to your home’s structure, back-up sump pumps are critical when severe weather strikes!

These are just a couple of the many reasons why a back-up sump pump is critical for maintaining your home’s integrity and value. And, the best part? You’ll have peace of mind that your home will remain free of water damage!

Are you in need of a back-up sump pump for your home? Please get in touch with The Plumber, Heating and Cooling in Buffalo, and learn about our back-up sump pump installation services.

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