When Are Emergency Plumbing Services Needed?

Are there plumbing problems at your home or business that you’ve been putting off having addressed? While some plumbing issues can linger for a long time, there are problems that require attention sooner than later to prevent worsening conditions and protect your home and family. Here are some plumbing issues you may have noticed around your Buffalo home that often require emergency plumbing services by a professional:

Frozen or burst pipes

Frozen or burst pipes during the winter can present many major problems for your plumbing system if left untreated for any length of time. Once ice within the pipes begins to thaw, it may cause leakage in various parts of your home. Some of the most obvious signs of a frozen or burst pipe include the formation of puddles under a sink; poor water pressure; and increased utility costs.

Sump pump malfunctions

Often sump pump malfunctions become evident in the spring, as your sump pump must work harder when rainfall is most prevalent. When an absorbent amount of snow melts, a sump pump that’s in need of repair can quickly become overwhelmed and fail to pump water through the discharge line properly. As a result, water damage can occur either in the form of a minor leak or major flooding. The bottom line? Make sure to address any sump pump repair needs at the beginning of spring!

Leaking fixtures

Got a toilet that won’t stop overflowing with water? A constantly dripping faucet that just won’t quit? Though these may seem like mere nuisances at first, leaking fixtures often demand emergency attention, as they can result in severe water damage within your home. In addition to bathroom or kitchen fixture leaks, leaky pipes can cause water build-up in your walls, as well as in your ceiling and flooring. This can have disastrous effects on your home’s foundation and even lead to the formation of mold and bacteria. Seeking the assistance of an experienced plumber is critical for addressing the source of the problem and resolving it permanently.

Sewage back-up

Sewage backups are considered one of the most serious plumbing issues, requiring prompt attention by an experienced plumbing professional. Because there are many health and safety risks associated with sewage back-ups, it’s important to have the issue inspected and addressed immediately. Sewage backups can have numerous causes, including clogged drainpipes, tree roots, or water backflow. Some of the most common signs of sewage back-up include odor coming from drains; slow draining sinks and tubs; and a gurgling toilet.

These are just some of the problems that require immediate attention of a professional plumbing company. Understanding what issues require emergency plumbing services around your Buffalo home will ensure you call a plumber in a timely manner!

At The Plumber, Heating and Cooling, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers. Please call our Buffalo office for all your emergency plumbing services and we’ll be happy to assist as quickly as possible.

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