Top Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Taking care of your plumbing system is a major part of maintaining your home and preventing costly problems. Whether you’ve been a homeowner for many years or have recently purchased a new home, there are many ways to keep your plumbing system in the best shape possible. Here are some of our top plumbing tips for homeowners in Buffalo:

Pay attention to leaks

Even the smallest leaks can become problematic if left unaddressed. It’s recommended to regularly inspect leaks in your home (in your sink, toilet, etc.) and hire a plumber to determine the source of the leak so it can be rectified. Leaks can lead to higher than necessary water bills, as well as potential water damage to your home if they worsen.

Use your garbage disposal properly

While it may be easy to dump whatever you feel like down your garbage disposal, this will ultimately cause huge problems down the road. Knowing what items can safely go down the disposal and which items can’t (such as fats, oils, and grease), will prevent clogs and help you extend the lifespan of your disposal for years to come. Also, running cold water down the disposal both before and after you use it helps to prevent clogging.

Know what you can flush

Unfortunately, all too often people flush the wrong products down the toilet. Nothing should ever be flushed down a toilet except for toilet paper. All other products – such as baby wipes, pads, tissues, napkins, and paper items – are off limits and can cause serious back-up in your plumbing system! Educate your family about flushing practices, especially children, to avoid toilet clogs.

By following these plumbing tips, homeowners in Buffalo can rest easy knowing that they’re keeping their plumbing system in good shape.

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