Tips for Keeping Your Drains Unclogged 

If you’re a homeowner in Buffalo, drain servicing, cleaning and maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy plumbing system. You’d probably agree that clogged drains can be a common nuisance. Some clogs are far more problematic than others, and many of them can become worse over time if left unattended. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent drains from constantly becoming clogged. Here are some helpful tips:

Be mindful of what you put down your drains

Failing to pay attention to what you put down your drains can often lead to disastrous clogs. Being mindful of preventative ways to keep your drains clear can play a major role in keeping your drains functionally properly. Some of these preventive measures include keeping food, coffee grounds and grease out of kitchen drains; throwing out leftover food rather than putting it down the garbage disposal; and reducing the amount of hair and soap scum that goes down bathtub or shower drains.

Clean your drains once a week

Even if you regularly clean your home, chances are you often forget to clean your drains. Keeping up with drain cleaning will ensure that debris and hair does not become trapped and that waterflow is unobstructed. By pulling out the pop-up stoppers in your sinks, you can easily remove any particles that are stuck inside your drains and fully clean the stoppers before reinserting them into your sinks, bathtubs and showers.

Avoid chemical drain cleaners

Though it may be tempting to purchase a store-bought drain cleaner, many chemical cleaners can cause major damage to your pipes while serving as only a temporary solution to many clogs. Often these cleaners give off unhealthy gas odors and can wreak havoc on your pipes, garbage disposal or septic system. Before turning to one of these products, it’s best to contact a plumbing professional for help.

While it’s impossible to prevent all drain clogs, being proactive with the tips above can help significantly. At The Plumber of Buffalo, drain servicing, cleaning and maintenance is our specialty. We offer a multitude of drain cleaning and repair services to address your needs. Get in touch and learn how we can help!

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