Three Reasons Why You Need a Back-up Sump Pump

In Western New York and throughout the country, there’s been astronomical amounts of rain this past summer, having widespread effect on homeowners in many ways. In particular, basement flooding is always a concern – especially when rain is heavy and constant. This summer season has reinforced to many the importance of a back-up sump pump in preventing flooding and water damage. Here are three of the most important reasons why a back-up sump pump is a necessity:

Functionality during power outage

Primary sump pumps run by electricity only, which means they will stop working if the power goes out.  The addition of a back-up sump pump to your Buffalo home will ensure your primary pump can continue operating properly even during power outages caused by severe weather. Many homeowners unfortunately learn this the hard way and end up experiencing major basement flooding when their sump pump stops working during a storm.

High water volume

While rare, unexpected high water volume from extreme rainfall can overburden your primary sump pump system and cause it to break down. When heavy rainfall hits, a back-up sump pump will save the day when your system reaches maximum operating capacity, working alongside the pump to facilitate water flow into the sump pit.

Wear and tear

Over time, your primary sump pump can experience general wear and tear, causing it to work less efficiently and completely deteriorate.  Installation of a back-up sump pump in your Buffalo home allows your primary pump to function at its optimal capacity, so that your system has a longer lifespan and won’t require a full replacement or repair within a short time. Additionally, a back-up pump can save the day when your primary pump experiences a failed switch or blocked discharge pipe that makes it inoperable.

These are some of the many reasons why investing in a back-up sump pump is essential for your home. From preventing flooding to reducing future repair or replacement costs, most homeowners can’t afford not to have a reliable back-up sump pump.

Ready to get a back-up sump pump? Get in touch with The Plumber, Heating and Cooling in Buffalo, and learn about our back-up sump pump installation services.

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