How to Protect Your Plumbing System from Freezing Temperatures

The coldest months of the year are here, and unfortunately, many homeowners are unprepared for the plumbing issues that can often ensue. It’s important that you take the necessary plumbing winterization steps for your Buffalo home and prevent major plumbing problems. As a plumbing company with years of repair experience, here are our top tips for keeping your home’s plumbing system protected from freezing temperatures:

Get water flowing

Keeping the water in your faucets flowing will help to prevent your pipes from freezing, especially for faucets located on exterior walls that aren’t as strongly insulated. Having a slow drip come from your faucets when temperatures are below freezing will make your pipes less susceptible to issues. This is especially important for older homes with generally poorer insulation.

Keep garage doors shut

It’s easy to forget to close your garage doors, especially if you have family members coming in and out of your house all day. However, making an effort to keep your garage doors shut as much as possible is critical for protecting your plumbing fixtures during freezing temperatures. Minimizing how much your garages are open will reduce the amount of cold air coming into your home, helping to prevent your pipes from freezing – and keeping your home warmer in the process!

Have your gutters regularly cleaned

Regularly having your gutters cleaned and inspected will reduce the chances of ice forming on your rooftop, which can cause numerous issues for the exterior and interior of your home. Hiring a professional to clean your gutters every spring or fall will prevent them from becoming clogged and causing harm to your roof during the cold winter months.

By planning ahead, you can ensure your plumbing system is adequately protected during the coldest days of the year! 

At The Plumber, Heating and Cooling in Buffalo, we specialize in plumbing winterization and plumbing repairs. Let us help protect your plumbing fixtures this winter. Get in touch and learn more about our many services.

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