How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Have you ever experienced flooding in your basement? With more than half of homeowners dealing with water in their homes at some point, taking steps toward proper basement flood prevention can be essential for protecting your Buffalo property. There are many ways in which water can enter your basement, including through cracks, sewer lines, and windows and doors. As a homeowner, here are three of the most impactful ways you can prevent basement flooding:

Install a high-quality sump pump

A sump pump is often your first line of defense when it comes to flooding prevention. Hiring a professional plumber to install your pump will ensure it can function properly and is installed in the right part of your basement. Additionally, installing a back-up battery sump pump is important in the event that your primary pump malfunctions. There are many types of sump pump features available, including Wi-Fi monitoring which can alert you to the threat of flooding in the your basement.

Seal your basement’s walls and flooring

For flooding that happens through wall or floor cracks, sealing can be an effective permanent solution. By hiring a plumber to inspect the walls and flooring in your basement, they can recommend the best sealing solutions to completely seal any cracks and prevent leakage and moisture from entering your basement’s foundation.

Keep your gutters clean

Regularly cleaning your gutters every spring and fall can be a major step for basement flooding prevention. Because blocked clogs don’t drain correctly, they can result in water being dispersed below your foundation and around the perimeter of your home. Yearly gutter cleaning can significantly reduce flooding risks, especially during seasons of heavy rainfall.

Do you have basement flooding concerns? Are you in need of a sump pump installer? For all your Buffalo based basement flood prevention and waterproofing needs, get in touch with The Plumber, Heating and Cooling, and learn how our experienced plumbing team can help.

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