Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes

We get it. As a homeowner, you take pride in maintaining your property and performing basic home improvement tasks yourself. But to make sure you are effectively and efficiently performing these tasks, try to avoid these three common plumbing mistakes:

1. Not turning off the water.
Sounds basic right? Unfortunately, forgetting to turn of the water is a common mistake. (And it’s embarrassing!) Removing a fixture or repairing a pipe before this step can result in unwatered sprays of water, or even potential floods.

Always remember to close your water-shutoff valve to stop the flow of water. For toilets, turning the valve at the base or behind the unit is enough. For larger projects or if your fixture doesn’t have its own shut-off, you will need to turn off the main valve in your home.

2. Too much drain cleaner.

Clogged drains and low water pressure are minor annoyances, and it may be a reflex to head straight for the drain cleaner. But think about it. Drain Cleaners remove buildups of hair, grease, and other blockages using harsh chemicals. Overuse of these chemical drain cleaners can cause your pipe to deteriorate over time leading to additional plumbing problems. Instead of chemical-based drain cleaners, we recommend trying a plunger, hand auger, drain snake, or a natural drain cleaner to remove any clogs within your pipes.

3. Using mismatched pipes.

Just because two pipes hold together does not mean they are properly fitted. When fitting pipes, it’s important to pay attention to both the size and material of your pipe. For example, mixing materials such as galvanized metal and copper can cause the connection to erode quickly, resulting in leaks and corrosion. Proper connecting pieces are important to ensure proper sealing.

And as always, The Plumber is just a phone call away to help with your remodeling or plumbing projects! Contact us or call (716) 894-4382.

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