Common Causes of Toilet Plumbing Issues and How to Prevent Them

As one of the most common household plumbing issues, clogged or poorly running toilets can be a major nuisance. The good news is that these issues can often be prevented with the right maintenance and care. If you’ve noticed your toilets causing ongoing problems, here are some contributing factors to consider:

Collapsed Piping

If you have an older home in Buffalo, toilet plumbing issues can become a serious problem.  There’s a good chance that collapsed piping may be the reason for an improperly running toilet. One of the first signs of antiquated piping is sediment backwash in the toilet, which can appear black or rust colored. Piping that has undergone age-related deterioration or extreme weather over several years can often cause drainage problems. If you notice any sign of backwash in your toilet, it’s best to have a plumber determine the underlying cause while also repairing any problems specific to your toilet’s functionality.

Hard Water Build-up 

Known as a common problem for new homeowners in Buffalo, hard water build-up can cause significant damage to toilet plumbing systems over time. This is because mineral deposits from the water form on the surface of the toilet, affecting pipe drainage, reducing water flow and leading to clogs. Mineral deposits can also build up inside the tank and cause corrosion, reducing the lifespan of the toilet (no matter how new the toilet is). If hard water is determined to be an issue, a plumber can flush out your entire toilet system and install a water softener to treat your water before it enters the toilet and produces mineral build-up to form.

Foreign Objects & Non-disposable Products

Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent causes of toilet clogs is the flushing of foreign objects or non-disposable material. From kids’ toys to small trinkets, often small objects get flushed accidentally down toilets and cause back-up. Additionally, things like baby wipes or feminine hygiene products are also not toilet friendly and can cause major damage to a septic system. Making sure that every person in your household understands that toilets are meant to dispose of waste and toilet paper only can prevent a lot of unnecessary clogs.

Being aware of the types of issues that cause common toilet plumbing problems is key to keeping your septic system running properly. However, if you are experiencing any problems with your toilet, it’s best to call a plumbing professional before they become worse. Get in touch with The Plumber and let us help!

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