Building a Home? Questions to Ask Your New Plumber

Are you getting ready to start construction on a new home in Buffalo? Plumbing contractors play a major role with any new home construction, making it important to carefully vet plumbing contractors who are most equipped for the job. As the building process begins, here are three of the most important questions to ask your new plumber:

Do you specialize in residential plumbing?

Plumbers with many years of experience in residential plumbing are generally best suited for new home construction projects. Your plumber should be fully trained and licensed, as well as insured. Residential plumbing services include a variety of at-home plumbing services, such as installing plumbing fixtures or handling issues related to plumbing systems within the home, including pipes and toilets.

Are your service contractors independently licensed?

Even though your plumber is licensed and insured, the contractors performing the work on your house may not be. It’s imperative to confirm that all service contractors who will be working on site are also fully insured. To ensure the best quality of services, always ask for subcontractors’ credentials and references.

Do you offer emergency plumbing services?

As unexpected plumbing problems occur, having access to a plumber that can provide immediate services is critical, especially when building a new home. From addressing a flooding problem to a sewage drain pipe obstruction, having plumbing problems addressed as quickly as possible is important for keeping your new home intact during the construction process. 

As you start building your new home, these are just some of the questions to ask your new plumber. By gathering the information above, you can feel confident with the plumbing services being performed at your construction site.

If you’re getting ready to build a house in the Buffalo area, you need a plumbing contractor you can trust. Contact The Plumber, Heating and Cooling, and learn about our residential plumbing services.

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