Basement Waterproofing Methods

Have you ever had to deal with water in your basement? There’s no denying that basement water problems can be a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. However, in many instances, water in basements can be completely prevented when proactive measures are taken well in advance. If you’ve been ignoring this problem in your Buffalo home, here are three of the most common basement waterproofing solutions to consider:

Interior waterproofing

For homeowners in Buffalo, interior waterproofing is one of the best ways to address leaks, while preventing future leakage. There are many interior waterproofing services that can address your basement needs, including sump pump installation and repairs; dehumidifying; safe wall waterproofing panels; and vapor barrier wall treatments. Once a plumbing professional has identified the cause of the leaks in your basement, the best recommended interior waterproofing service can be implemented.

Exterior waterproofing

Taking measures outside your home is just as important as prevention methods done inside. Often exterior methods stop water from initially entering your home and may include exterior drainage systems and waterproof barriers with coatings on exterior walls. For Buffalo homeowners, exterior basement waterproofing can be completed in many ways, including repairing foundational cracks by installing a waterproofing membrane; putting in an exterior drain tile to alleviate pressure on the walls and drain off the water; and completing an exterior crack repair. Depending on the nature of the problem, a plumber can determine the best exterior waterproofing solution for your specific cause of leakage.

Drainage systems

In many cases, improper drainage can be the cause of water leaks. Having a drainage system installed is essential for keeping your basement dry and directing water away from your home. With many drainage options available, your plumber can recommend which system is best suited to control the water around your house and determine what other technical components may be necessary, such as a sump pump to collect water from inside and carry it away.

As you can see, there are many effective basement waterproofing methods. Buffalo homeowners can take the first step to preventing water in your basement by having an evaluation completed by a trusted plumbing professional who can assess your home’s various factors and perform the necessary work to address your issues in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way.

Ready to make sure your basement is completely waterproof? Get in touch with The Plumber and learn how our team can execute the best waterproofing solution for your home.

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