6 Reasons to Get an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

If you’ve heard about heat pumps on occasion, it’s because it’s one of the newer developments in heating and cooling. However, unlike older models that would take forever to change temperature, modern heat pumps provide great opportunities for savings, comfort, and better environmental stewardship.

Working by exchanging heat or cold to the outside environment, heat pumps provide a great option for keeping your house comfortable. Here’s a quick list of the top reasons why you should consider heat pump installation for your Buffalo home.

  1. Lower energy consumption and related costs. Heat pumps are ridiculously energy efficient, using significantly less energy than air conditioners or furnaces. This allows you to use less energy and lower your utility bills.
  2. Improved environmental impact. Because heat pumps use less energy, they are more environmentally friendly. However, beyond this, they’re also very easy to integrate with related renewable energy resources such as wind turbines, micro hydroelectric  and solar.
  3. Enjoy better air quality. Because heat pumps work by circulating air constantly, you’ll have fewer issues with dust, pollen, and similar allergens. They also filter out pollutants and contaminants, and even more advanced air purification add-ons can reach HEPA-level filtration.
  4. One piece of equipment for everything. Heat pumps not only heat, but they can also cool. This gives you one less piece of equipment that you need to purchase, maintain, and worry about in the long run.
  5. More consistent comfort. Because heat pumps operate continuously, they provide more constant comfort. Instead of being blasted by your furnace or air conditioner kicking on, you’ll have a steady, comfortable temperature.
  6. Even more savings! Because government agencies managing electrical systems want to conserve energy, there are a range of grants and rebates that are available to homeowners and business owners to help cover the cost. Check with your utility companies to determine what to get.

By investing in energy-efficient home heating for your Buffalo home, you can enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters without hitting your pocketbook as hard. If you’re ready to discover what heat pump installation can do for your Buffalo home, please feel free to reach out today to The Plumber, Heating & Cooling’s team of experienced technicians.

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